What kind of mum!! Part Un

The day I became a mum, 27th June 2016 at approximately 1am my life changed. I had spent the last 9 months reading forums on general pregnancy, feeding and sleeping routines. Nothing prepared me for what was to come! apart from sleepless nights, with having to get up for a pee every hour throughout my pregnancy.

The Labour: My labour was long ……… i was 40 weeks +8 I’d had a Stretch and Sweep which resulted in my waters leaking. 24 hours later no contraction, so i was induced. Once my little lady arrived safe and well, i then had a retained placenta and had to go to theatre. So went all the way through my labour with just gas and air and a little dia-morphine (would not recommend). To then have a spinal for the removal of the placenta. If i didn’t have bad luck i would have no luck at all.

So after the drama and a couple of days settling in we became a family Me Harry Kayleigh and doggy Ruben. I sat back and asked myself what kind of mum did i want to be?

  • Organised Mum – as it suggests
  • Model Mum – always looks stunning even with baby bodily fluids on her
  • Corporate Mum – Smart phone in one hand making business related calls and breastfeeding with the other
  • Undomesticated Mum – Jam sandwiches for pack lunch and takes kids to school in her pj’s.
  • Gym Mum – wears nothing but Gym gear but never gets time to go
  • Eyebag Mum – up at 4 am because her kids wont sleep passed 4 am Arrrrrr!
  • Wine Mum – Needs Copious amounts of wine to get through the week.

I decided to be all of them because at one point or another you will have to be one of those mum’s!

Mummy and Kayleigh age 6 days old


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